South Endeavour

South Endeavour Nature Refuge covers almost 7000 hectares of highly diverse savannah woodland and rainforest pockets along the valley of the historic Endeavour River about twenty kilometers west of Cooktown.


South Endeavour Trust bought this property in 2007 to protect it from subdivision and overdevelopment given its proximity to Cooktown.


The South Endeavour valley is home to a diverse array of woodlands with significant gallery rainforests along the river itself. The steep rocky slopes of the Dickson and Henderson Plateau feature semi-deciduous vine thickets as well as habitat for a wide range of reptiles and the endangered Northern Quoll.


Barirngtonia calyptrata in rainforest

Barringtonia calyptrata in rainforest

Basalt Dykey across the South Endeavour River

Basalt dyke across the Endeavour River


The reserve has an altitudinal range of almost 500 metres, rising from the river on both sides to cover the steep slopes of the Dickson Range to the south and rising to the crest of the spectacular Henderson Range to the north. One of the most dramatic areas of the property is the rugged Henderson Range whose higher elevations feature severely wind pruned heathlands.


The top of the range is incised by a number of sharp valleys with spring fed creeks lined by tropical rainforest featuring Archontophoenix alexandrae (Alexander Palm) and Licuala ramsayi (Fan Palm).