The Australian Wildlife Conservancy

The Australian Wildlife Conservancy is an outstanding not for profit organization that has done amazing things for nature conservation on private land in Australia.  Please donate if you can.



Bush Heritage Australia

Bush Heritage Australia is an extraordinary organization founded by Bob Brown in 1991.  It has done fantastic things for protection our unique environments.  Please donate if you can



Nature Conservation Trust of NSW

The NCT was established by the NSW government in 2001 to promote nature conservation on private land in the state.  The Trust operates independently of government and has a substantial revolving fund enabling it to purchase, covenant and sell to sympathetic buyers high nature conservation properties in the state.  Three of South Endeavour’s properties are protected by NCT covenants.  Please visit their website.



Queensland Nature Refuges Program

The Nature Refuge program in Queensland is probably the most successful private land conservation program in Australia.  Nature Refuges over an extraordinarily large and diverse range of environments in the state.  Unfortunately, budget constraints have severely curtailed the program for the time being, but we look forward to it being reinstituted as financial pressures ease.  Three of South Endeavour’s reserves are covered by Nature Refuge agreements.



Landscape scale connectivity – The Mackey Report

South Endeavour places a substantial weight on helping to build ecosystem resilience. 


Connectivity and corridors are key components of building resilience.  The Mackey Report is very useful reading.