The Springs

The Springs is a 350 hectare reserve on the NSW northwestern slopes.  The reserve consists of rugged granite country with huge boulders, large exposed granite slopes and often steep topography.  It protects three endangered ecological communities: critically endangered Yellow Box – White Box – Blakely’s Red Gum Grassy Woodland; Carex Sedgelands; and Howell Shrublands.  In addition there are a number of very small areas of vegetation approaching the definition of nationally endangered Semi Evergreen Vine Thicket.


A recent survey recorded 404 native vascular plants on the reserve including a number iv listed species and one that is only known from four other populations.


A recent fauna survey found 63 bird species , 24 native mammals, 21 reptiles and 8 frogs.  Two EPBC listed species were recorded: the Border Thick-tailed Gecko and the Large-eared Pied Bat.  Sadly, whereas the reserve once was part of a core breeding area for the critically endangered Regent Honeyeater, none were found in the most recent 2021 survey.


We have recently been assessing The Springs and adjacent areas for their suitability for Koala translocation.  Koalas were previously know from the area but none had been seen for 40 years.  Or at least that was until mid 2023 when one was recorded on a camera trap in an adjacent area.  We are now seeking to determine just how many koalas might be hanging on in the greater area around The Springs and to determine their disease status.